Sponsorship & Scholarship

Child Sponsorship and Scholarship

What do we offer?

Child Sponsorship: Sponsoring a child ensures grow up healthy, learning and safely. Child sponsorship helps a family enabling to send their children school and grow up with protection. Through child sponsorship program SUROVI offer a child education materials, tuition fees, food, school uniform, nutritious food, dress, household materials, cleaning & hygiene items, house rent and medicine cost on a quarterly basis. Orphan and poorest family children are considered for entitling a sponsorship support following the s...

election criteria.

Student Scholarship: SUROVI has been implementing Scholarship programs for the students of Secondary Schools, Higher Secondary College and Public University students. SUROVI identify the most vulnerable students from schools, colleges and universities who are struggling to continue their education due to family poverty or other situations that creates an increased risk to dropout from education. The scholarship support helps the students completing their education and achieving better academic performances. In the year 2022 SUROVI distributed scholarship to 285 college students from 53 colleges and 152 Public University students across Bangladesh.    

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